Results of SDA Membership

SDA is the only acknowledged organization that fosters the development of administrative business professionals specific to the architectural, engineering and construction industry.

Advancing knowledge within The Society for Design Administration provides our members exposure to “Best Practices” in the industry that have meaningful impact to your bottom line.

When you understand your business not only from the inside out…………but from the outside leading in, you can expect a high volume of return in:

  • cost recovery, expense reduction
  • enhanced workplace satisfaction
  • employee retention
  • increased profitability

Our local networking events will put you in touch with many great resources on a regular basis that have meaningful impact; and attending EDS14 in Nashville, Tennessee will surround you with hundreds of resources from industry experts across the country in a few short days.

We are the SDA, and invite you to connect with our team of extraordinary professionals!

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Selected Testimonials:    Picture001


“As the person who is also responsible for staff development planning at my firm, I have been able to use several educational events to develop in-house programs.  Following my first EDSymposium in Las Vegas in 2010, I was able to schedule a free one-hour webinar with Sandy Blaha on emotional intelligence, which was valuable information for the entire office and still referenced today.

SDA has also provided an opportunity for me to share my knowledge with others.  Being able to present educational sessions on both a local and national level have allowed me to continue to improve the content and understanding of the material as well as basic public speaking skills.”

Sarah Wallace, CDFA, LEED Green Associate Director of Operations Richard Wittschiebe Hand
2013-2014 National President-Elect SDA
2014-2015 National President, SDA  (Atlanta, GA)


“SDA provided the catalyst for my growth within the firm my providing me with avenues in which to learn and grow – both on a personal and professional level.

SDA empowered me. It provided me with new information, new found confidence, and introduced me to a vast network of tenured SDA members who helped cultivate skills, capabilities and talents that I had not recognized or been allowed to develop within myself.”

Melodee Schultz
Past National President, SDA (Houston, Tx)


“Just yesterday I had a conversation with our principal sharing the info we discussed at our Roundtable Discussion for our April Business Meeting. We discussed….

“What do other firms do with samples? (I.e. paint, stain, tile, glass, wood, stone, brick). Same question for a firm’s library/resource area with industry catalogs, etc. We also discussed dead filing projects and company storage.”

Our principal was very impressed with the knowledge I gained on how other firms in our industry of all different sizes handle this. The input caused him to rethink the way we are currently doing things, which will save both time and money in the future for our company. Without my SDA Membership, I would not have had the opportunity to attend the meeting and obtain those great ideas.
Thanks to all.”

Kathy Nagel, Armstrong Berger  (Dallas, Tx)


“SDA membership has promoted professional and personal growth for me. Through networking, leadership opportunities, community involvement, and educational programs, I am more involved in the A/E/C industry on a consistent basis. From the time that I joined my exposure to relevant available resources has increased by 50%. As a result, my effectiveness and productivity levels at work has increased significantly.”

Brooke Simcik, VAI Architects (Dallas, Tx)


“Despite years of administrative management experience in other industries, when hired by an architectural firm, I was lacking the A/E/C-specific knowledge I needed to step seamlessly into my new position. By joining SDA, I acquired immediate access to best practices and information, enabling me to work efficiently and manage my administrative team effectively from the outset. Subsequently, after completing SDA certification and volunteering for chapter board positions, my credentials and leadership growth convinced firm principals to name me as an Associate – a title ordinarily reserved for architects – and to increase my bonus compensation.”

Andria L Brody, CDFA, 4240 Architecture, Inc.
2013-2014 National Vice President, SDA 
(Denver, Co.)


“I have since served two years as our Chapter Secretary, and am currently serving as our Chapter Vice President, and I would only like to say Thank You to SDA.  It’s awesome to be surrounded by such smart, intelligent, AND willing to assist you in anyway people.  I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time, and have never been happier to have come out of my comfort zone.  So once again, a very sincere thanks! ”

Susan Eveland, DJG, Inc.  (Williamsburg, VA)


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