Canstruction Dallas


What is Canstruction®?

Canstruction® was founded in 1992 by the late Cheri Melillo and colleagues from the Society for Design Administration (SDA) working in tandem with the American Institute of Architects. The vision for Canstruction® is to unite the design, engineering and construction industry through a unique and fun medium that would provide canned food to the North Texas Food Bank. Over Canstruction Dallas’ 23 year history, they have provided 1.5 million cans for those in need!

Competitions are held annually in over 150 cities around the world.  The event combines the competitive spirit of a design/build competition with a unique way to help feed the hungry.  Competing teams led by architects and engineers partner with design and construction firms to showcase their talents by designing giant CANsculptures™ made out of canned foods.

At the close of the exhibition all the food will be donated to the local food bank and used in the fight against hunger.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

“Canstruction is not only a fun and competitive interaction between teams, but the feeling of accomplishment you receive knowing that you have helped feed thousands of people… Wow – what a rush !!”

Cindy Savell, 2016 Dallas Canstruction Chair


Cansculptures for 2021 are in process of construction and will be on display to the public at NorthPark Center in the fall of 2021. All structures for 2021 Canstruction® will follow this year’s theme, “Game Over for Hunger.”

CANstruction amid COVID-19

With an ever growing vaccinated population and more knowledge than ever, CANstruction Dallas is hopeful that we can build safely this fall. Many people in the DFW area still struggle with hunger as the pandemic continues. 

For more information about Canstruction Dallas contact…

Celeste Urrutia
Office Manager

Mary Jacobs, CDFA
Administrative Coordinator


Dallas was #2 in the Top 25 Cities for Most Food Donated with 126,071 lbs of food donated to the North Texas Food Bank….that’s 17,359 more pounds than the prior year!!

2019’s Canstruction® theme was “Heroes Against Hunger.” Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, forms and from many different places. This year was about celebrating those heroes. Everyone looks up to superheroes and the ideals they represent and their ability to solve problems – including hunger.

idGroup | “Com-Bat Hunger” Most Cans (11,433)
Halff Community Initiative/Halff Associates, Inc | “Everyday Super Heroes” – Best Use of Labels
Environments for Health Architecture |
Best Meal
BGE, Inc. |
“Produce Posse!” – Best Structural Ingenuity
Stantec/The Router Room |
Spiderman to the Rescue” Best Original Design (International 2nd Place) Corgan / Austin Commercial | “Power Forward Past Hunger”
Honorable Mention
Spencer & Company | “Capt. Underpants & the Epic Endeavor to End Hunger” People’s Choice


Dallas made #2 in Top 25 Cities Canned Food Donated
108,712 lbs

HDR – Pegasus Can! Best Original Design Winner
Omniplan – Here.There.Everywhere Best Meal Winner
Cobb, Fendley & Associates, Inc. – All Aboard to End Hunger Most Cans Winner
SmithGroup – Ending Hunger…One Trip at a Time Best Use of Labels Winner
BOKA Powell – Spider Seusse Structural Ingenuity
Stantec / Byrne Construction Services – No Boundaries Honorable Mention

Cash donated to Food Bank= $5,377.00
Pounds of Food Donated= 108,712

2018 Winners-01.jpg

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