Tyranny of the Urgent

This Talking Tuesday stems from my need to hit the pause and reset button. I found last year that while working from home, life dropped to a slower pace, I made more time for myself (selfcare) and even made the conscious choice to invest in career development – to tell myself it was ok to take time during the workday to invest in me as that is an investment in the firm. I battle people pleasing and my own inner hard-working drive that says, “when I’m at my desk at the office I should be constantly producing and not schedule time for me”. I enjoyed the approval I gave myself while at home to take time to attend various webinars and networking opportunities. I told myself I wasn’t going to fall back into old habits once back in the office, but no, the ground I gained started to slip away as I let work tasks once again reign supreme, with one difference. This time around I am determined to resist my old habits and continue to set time aside for growth.

Attached is an abbreviated article from 1967 I read from time to time when I need to pause and reset. The author, Charles Hummel, is a Christian, so he writes from a Biblical perspective, however I have edited those sections out from the article and have left his main premise about the tension between the urgent and the important and how frequent reevaluating and prioritizing can help. When things seem to be getting out of balance, I find pondering his point helpful in resetting and reminding myself of that which is currently important to me.

Below are 2 links to articles with various helpful tips and guides on setting priorities.


I would love to know if anyone uses any of the methods mentioned or does something else entirely. And if anyone wants the full 5-page article, feel free to send me an email and I will share it with you.

This Talking Tuesday is recommended by: Lauren Korener

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