Work-Life, Home-Life Integration

We are now in a position to pursue work-life balance now more than ever. Having a healthy balance of ample personal time and productive work time is not a myth. You may have to re-train your brain that work is a part of life. Think of it as “work-life, home-life integration”. It’s the integration between yourself at work and yourself at home. You have a limited amount of resources each day and you have to figure out what’s the best way to accomplish what you need to at work and in your personal life to meet your goals using the limited resources you have.

This article from WSJ will teach you more about how to re-assess, how to set boundaries, and how to personalize for your needs.

It may mean you need to take a walk outside when the sunshine beckons, or that you need to jump on that summer vacci-cation before it all sells out.

Many of us have a newfound flexibility that gives us the opportunity to break out from the 9-to-5 day and start thinking creatively about balancing our work and personal lives. This summer, it’s all about family, friends and sunshine — and work can be an exciting addition to this list.

Read more here: How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance – WSJ

This Talking Tuesday is recommended by: Michelle Cicotte

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