How to Grow Your Grit

I recently learned about the passing of my company’s founder, Art Gensler. The stories I heard from colleagues showed how passionate he was about the industry and about people. A fellow administrator on the West Coast told me he would make a point at large company social events to sit with and get to know the administrators at his firm. This isn’t something ever leader at a company this size would do.

As I reflected on Art’s passing I was reminded of what I learned from reading his book, Art’s Principles (before my first interview) about resiliency and grit. He said to be resilient you have to be calm and mindful – even after a mistake. The ultimate keys to resiliency are to accept, to adapt, and to advance.

  • Accept that you lost an opportunity or made a mistake.
  • Adapt to your new circumstances.
  • Advance in tough times.

I also learned a lot about leadership, honesty, generosity, and the Power of Design. Another gritty person I follow, Angela Duckworth, wrote the book on grit and talks about how grit is not enough, that you need to be well-rounded (like Art) to be successful.

Read more here: Grit is the key to success, but not without one vital characteristic (

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