SDA’s National Conference, EDSymposium19 is being held in Spokane, WA from May 16-18, 2019.

Our very own, Brooke Simcik, CDFA is being installed as the National President and there will be a couple of members representing Dallas. simcik_-_photo1.jpgWe’d love to see you there! But the cost is never an easy thing to come up with and that is why we’re offering you a chance to earn up to $450 to use for the EDS trip.

B. Carole Steadman and Amy Rogers of Placement by Design has been wonderful to offer a scholarship of $300 to attend EDS and the Dallas Board is offering $150 through our professional scholarship. Applications are due March 29th!

Click here for Scholarship Application and Requirements

For additional help, National is also offering the Past President’s Council Professional Development Grant (PPC) to attend EDSymposium19, due March 18th! For More information Click here to the National Website

UPDATE: We’d like to congratulate¬†Laurie Kahn for receiving this year’s scholarship!! Looking forward to having a few of the Dallas Chapter members attend EDS19 and support Brooke Simcik as she becomes National’s President.



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